Where should
you eat

Most apps only present the options.
We provide an answer.

1 - Let us know your lunch radius.

From 1, 3, 5 or 10 miles around, we can use a ZIP Code or your current location to gather a list of restaurants within your radius.

2 - Let us know where you are willing to eat?

You can then add which restaurants you would like to have on your “Lunch Playlist“.

3 - We'll send you a suggestion.

On your time, on your days, we will send you a suggestion from your list. Never again ask “Where do you want to eat?“

Simple, easy, and nearly effortless.
Set it up, then let it play.

Once you launch the app, it is a simple 3 screen process to create a lunch playlist. After that, we will deliver a lunch recommendation on your selected day & time.

Our Awesome Team.

Tyrale Bloomfield


Josh Goodwin


Bryan Seaborn


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